Dr. Kelly is pleased to offer Cogmed Working Memory Training, a software-based intervention designed to improve working memory. Cogmed is a non-medication treatment option for children with AD/HD. It consists of engaging working memory exercises that automatically increase in difficulty as the participant improves.

Working memory helps us to solve problems, pay attention, and keep information in our mind for a short period of time, while using it to carry out a task. Working memory difficulties often predict problems with reading comprehension and math problem solving skills.

Cogmed training is for people who need to improve their ability to concentrate.  Cogmed users range from young children to adults.  The training takes place at home, for approximately 45 minutes per day, 5 days a week, for 5 weeks, using your home computer.  There are weekly coaching sessions that are conducted over the phone.  Upon completion of the training program, trainees are offered the opportunity for extension training at no additional cost.  To learn more about CogMed, go to the cogmed website to review published and ongoing scientific research that supports the effectiveness of this program at

The program fee is $1,500.00 and is payable by check or credit card. The fee includes the preliminary session with child and parent, the program, weekly monitoring via email and/or phone consults, and a final meeting with a brief final report provided.  Complementary additional sessions are also included in this fee.