ReAD.IT is a trademarked program developed by Dr. Karen Kelly as a means to help struggling readers in the elementary and middle school grades and utilizes repeated reading as well as working with word patterns and morphology to help increase reading automaticity. A 12-week program of intensive intervention for 3 hours weekly with prescribed reading at home of up to 60 minutes for 5 days per week.

ReAD.IT uses a combination of intensive research-based reading methodologies combined with the practice and repeated reading known to be important in changing the neural pathways in readers’ brains.

ReAD.IT is based on the strong research and empirically driven interventions with reading difficulties, including work in phonology and morphology. A separate reading comprehension intervention is also offered.

ReAD.IT utilizes knowledge about brain plasticity using methods to improve reading fluency and achieve reading improvements with children with even the most resistant of reading disorders.

ReAD.IT uses multi-sensory methodology, repeated reading, and speed drills to automaticity.   ReAD.IT uses a combination of intensive skill word work to increase the phonemic, phonetic, and fluency of reading as well as the practice of these skills during oral reading, all of which are known to be effective in promoting automaticity and fluency. A separate program addresses reading comprehension. There is a body of literature surrounding the impact of intensive and systematic research-based methodologies on both reading development as well as changes that occur within the brain.

ReAD.IT is an inclusive program with a bundled fee of $4,800 for the 12-week session and includes the initial consultation, pre and post reading evaluations, twelve 3-hour individual reading sessions, weekly monitoring, and all necessary materials. Reading Comprehension difficulties are typically independent from word reading difficulties, unless the difficulties are directly related to the skill deficit.